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The Florida Infectious Diseases Society (FIDS) is made up of physicians in Florida dedicated to the prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment of Infectious Diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

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ID Links

Infectious Diseases Society of America

CDC Travelers Information

American College of Physicians

National Foundation For Infectious Diseases

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Florida Department of Health

Florida Notifiable Diseases Reporting

CDC HIV/AIDS information

HIV InSite- University of California at San Francisco

USF Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine

University of Miami Division of Infectious Diseases

University of Florida Division of Infectious Diseases


Jaime Carrizosa M.D., FIDSA

2015 Membership Application and/or Dues
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Florida Infectious Diseases Society 25th Annual Symposium and Meeting
June 6-7 2015
Ritz-Carlton Hotel 
Sarasota, FL

American College of Physicians- Internal Medicine 2015
April 3-May 2, 2015
ACP Annual Session
Boston, MA

ICAAC 2015
Sept 17-21. 2015
San Diego, CA

IDSA 2015 Annual Meeting- ID Week 2015
Oct , 7-11, 2015
ID Week 2015
San Diego, CA





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